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Free Full Lower Limb Trigger Point Chart, Plus Win A Body Release Pack!

  • Angela Trevethan
Get Pain free physio Camp Hill

So this week was huge and I wanted to start with congrats!! Sarah Crowley won AGAIN…Ironman Arizona!! Our own Physio Kieran came 13th and Laura Regan did a massive PB at Kingy tri!! Mick Thwaites did a leisurely 100 miles around Falls Creek in the Alpine Challenge and we had Mick and Donna among others doing Western Sydney half ironman. Also shout out to the crew at Hervey Bay 100 and to our great friend LOZ who survived the haze and the smoke without ending up in intensive care…Not all about athletic achievements! The basics sometimes rock even morel!!! Go Loz!!🥰🥰


So to this weeks content and I have been racking my brains how to help you out as much as possible. At BL Physio we talk about Body IQ. You get to have a better quality of life, the more you can learn and understand the subtleties of the body. One of the things we love you to understand is that you have an invisible map of trigger points all over your body. Crazy but true and if you aren’t aware and don’t know how to steer and guide them, then you are more likely to suffer injuries and even degeneration long term.

The real map is pretty complex but it can be simplified so I asked Physio Anna to put together an easy trigger point chart of the lower body for you.

Good way to visualise the points so then you can start to get to know your way around it. Here it is:


Good for trigger ball, footeez and foam roller release strategies

Great to help lower limb niggles such as patellofemoral pain, ITB pain, glute and hamstring tightness, plantar fascia, shin splints, and ankle issues

Physio Camp Hill/Coorparoo

This is a very cool map. Check it out…digest it. There are countless ways and subtleties to using it towards a better quality of life. Physio Anna will talk you through it in more detail next week.


In the meantime, we want to give away a Body Release Pack with everything you need to keep yourself good for life. It includes:

1) Reflex trigger ball (the best trigger ball there is!)

2) Footeez..Our athletes don’t leave home without one and you shouldn’t either…(no matter what your goals, sport or just staying good for life)

3) Voodoo band…These things are awesome for easing niggles. Kind of like being able to do your own physio at home even while you’re on the couch!

To win is simple. Just send us a question about the body. Easy as that. I’ll try to answer them all but will choose the best for the prize so keep the questions coming through to me or [email protected].

Have a great week,

Paul Trevethan

BL Physio


PS: Appreciate if you would help spread the word so we can ease a bit of pain, one human at a time.

“Get Pain Free While Being Taught How To Help Yourself For Life”

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