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In this crazy Corona virus world, we still need to deal with the same pain risk factors of everyday life. Lower back strain, knee injuries and even neck pain often doesn’t just go away.

In fact, stress can make pain worse at a time like this leading to headaches, tennis elbow, the list goes on.

Physiotherapy At Home

At BL Physio we have been easing pain and helping workforces remotely throughout regional Queensland and across Australia with online physio consultations for years.

Because of this, we already have systems in place to relieve your pain and guide you through a tough time with physio consultations over the net.

Pretty much just like coming into the practice. Same price, same time frame but you get so much more.

What We Do

We want to relieve your pain as priority so our physios will accurately assess and diagnose your problem. The priority is to ease symptoms so your physio will guide you through how to help in detail from sleep position to risk factors that are making pain worse.

Most importantly they will also guide you with how to address the underlying cause of your issue, be it back pain, foot pain, neck and shoulder pain, whatever.

That way you can get relief as well as learn how to prevent symptoms into the future. Empowering you is key!

Online Physio Consultation

How It Works

Once you contact us we send you a link to login to your online physio consultation. It’s just like sitting across from your physio in the clinic, just ‘over the net’. They will go through your history and ask you specific questions.

Treatment will involve guiding you through how to free up your low back pain, wrist pain, whatever is needed with your physio straight away so we can make sure you get it right.

Finally, your physio will formulate a plan to achieve goals and implement an appropriate home program moving forward.

What You Get

We know from our work in the clinic as well as online physio consultations that most people quickly forget their exercises and ways to help. Because of this we have tailored a program for your physio appointment online.

We film your exercises in your online physio session and send them through. Additionally, as a bonus in this crazy Corona Virus time, we give you access to our “SSTM Injury Prevention Program”.

This is a complete injury prevention toolkit with exercises and strategies available to you 24/7, 365. Your physio will guide you with which ones to do, but it also has techniques to help ease symptoms and prevent issues for all body areas.

This way you can help yourself and also your family up body knowledge and skills long term.

Each Online Physio Appointment Includes:

  • Online Physio Consultation
  • Your Own Individual Video Recording of Tailored Home Exercise Program
  • Access To “SSTM Injury Prevention Program” for all body parts (Normally $595+GST)

How To Book

Simply fill in the form below or call (07) 3847 8040 and we can work out a date & time that suits best.

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