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Physiotherapy Exercise Videos

Physiotherapy Exercise Videos

Tackle Pain Behind The Knee For Running

Tape Shins For Running at the First Sign of Trouble

2 Ways to Stop Feet Rolling in for Running!

Achilles Pain Driving You Nuts?

6 Best Core Exercise BEFORE You Run!

Best 4 Ways to Optimise Your Running Posture!

The 5 Best Running Stretches for Adductors!

Run Lighter and Faster Using Less Energy

4 Best Stretches To Target Achilles Pain

Tackle Runners Knee and Chondromalacia Patella!

Running – New Trick to Release Tight Hamstrings

4 Glute Stretches To Run Further Faster

The Most Supportive Taping for Shin Splints

2 Best Stretches For ITB AND Piriformis

Best Achilles Release for Runners

Ease Calf Pain With Taping

Running – Banish Lower Back Pain

Running – Tape Your Foot To Get Rid of Plantar Fasciitis

4 Ways To Ease Muscle Tension – BL Physio (RIF REV Series)
Run Technique Videos

Running Technique 101 – Length/Lean/Relax/Shoulders – BL Physio (RIF REV Series)
Running Technique

How to Avoid Foot Stress Fractures – BL Physio (RIF REV Series)
Foot/Ankle videos

Foot Pain? Check your shoes! – BL Physio (RIF REV Series)
Calf and Shin Videos

4 Best Ab and Butt Exercises for Running (Fit ball) – BL Physio (RIF REV Series)
Core Strength

Running plyometrics: 3 best exercises to get started! BL Physio (RIF REV Series)
Core Strength

The Elite Secret for Running: Get Yourself Ready To Race – BL Physio (RIF REV Series)
Lower Back Videos

Starting Plyometrics for Running! BL Physio (RIF REV Series)
Core Strength

Target Butt, Abs AND Upper Body in one hit! – BL Physio (RIF REV Series)
Core Strength Videos

4 Best Ways To Stretch Tight Hamstrings! – BL Physio (RIF REV Series)
Leg Videos

Sore Glutes with Running? Tape it to Get Rid of Pain! BL Physio (RIF REV Series)
Lower Back Videos

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