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5 Best Adductor Stretches For Running

5 Best Adductor Stretches For Running

Hey Everyone,

I was talking with a friend last week. He had lower back tension with running and had done all the usual stuff, quad and hamstring stretch as well as hip flexors and gluteals. He wanted to know if he was missing something.

Chatting it through, he hadn’t thought of adductors, the big muscles on the inside of the thigh. The largest, ‘Adductor Magnus’ is so thick, tension can limit forward bend (hip flexion) as well as backward movement (extension) of the leg. So it can change your technique for running but when adductors get tight they can also tilt the pelvis forward (anterior tilt). Try putting your hands on your hips and tip them forward…you can feel the tension in your back straight away. We also use adductor stretches as a progression for lower back tension in the clinic

So we got him onto adductors as part of his plan. We put together the 5 Best Adductor Stretches here. Check out the video below:

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