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4 Best Stretches For Achilles Pain

4 Best Stretches For Achilles Pain

AND…Which ones to do in normal life

This video is part of our RIFREV Running series we did with Will Wragg (50 Marathons in 50 Days…Crazy but fun and a super awesome guy)!

It’s nice to know how to stretch the calf into Achilles because if you run they can get super tight and cause Achilles Tendinopathy and pain but the same rules apply for life in general.

With our runners in the clinic, we find they will often have technique issues and particularly specific weakness through the butt as well as quads that make them sink and be less efficient with running. That means the calf then has to overwork to ‘push’ them through. It’s a massive risk factor for Achilles pain.

Similar stuff can happen with walking in everyday life. People take long steps that mean the calf is the propulsion (among other issues) that stirs up Achilles. That’s why we are so passionate about understanding how to play ‘the body game’ so you can stop these things and adjust at the first niggle or sign of trouble. Therein lies the secret to running long term or just being able to do the fun stuff now and long term.

SO… the first thing is starting to know how to stretch Achilles correctly.

In this video, Angela takes you through 4 ways to stretch Achilles and calf for different scenarios:

  1. Dynamic Stretches pre-run, as part of a warmup (tackling both major muscles)
  2. Static Stretches in a squat with specific Achilles and heel distraction (when you’re super tight)
  3. Step stretches easily every day
  4. Heel wedging daily to up intensity for best results

Check it out!

If you want a free download of the stretches click below for your easy cheat sheet download.








Hope this helps!

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