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Knee Pain – 3 Most Common Causes AND The Most Common Body Shape Almost Noone Knows They Have!

  • Angela Trevethan

We had a question from Peter. He had pain on the inside of the knee at the end of his half marathon. Good opportunity to talk you through common reasons for that type of pain no matter what you do, run, walk, sit on the couch!! We’ve all got a human body so it’s cool to know your way around it.


In this video I show you:

1) 3 of the most common reasons for pain on the inside of your knee

2) Why you may be spending more time and putting more pressure through one leg compared to the other

3) How that plays out with running and walking

4) 2 simple ways make yourself more symmetrical for performance but for most people just staying fit and healthy for life


Keep your questions coming!! Talk next week!

Paul Trevethan

Physio Camp Hill BL Physio


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  • Angela Trevethan
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