Body Leadership’s goal is to empower others to have a better quality of life. Through education we aim to share our knowledge of the body, muscles and injury risks, with as many people as possible. Our range of resources are easy to understand and provide helpful tips to assist you to achieve a pain free life at home and at work.

Partnering with runner of 50 marathon in 50 days, Will Wragg the Body Leadership team have also developed the Running Injury Free Revolution online video library which is the largest collection of free online videos for runners. Check out the videos at

Video Resources

Stretch your Adductors

Improve Thoracic Rotation

Back Strengthening Exercise

Stretch Hip Flexors for Running

8 Best Running Stretches

Best Warm Up for Runners

Relieve Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

Relieve Shoulder Pain

Ease Your Hip Pain

Relieve Foot Pain

Relieve Neck Pain

Running Tips – Gold Coast Marathon

Release Your Lats – Prevent Shoulder Injuries

Relieve Tension through Upper Back

Correct Your Sleep Position

Relieve Pain: Support Your Foot Arch

Ease Your Shin Pain – Part 2

Stretch Your Hip Flexors

Ease Knee Pain/Support Runner’s Knee

Ease Lower Back Tension

Relieve Foot Pain

Release Your ITB

Release Tight Calf Muscles

Prevent Knee Injuries

Release Your Glutes

Prevent Shin Splints

Release Tight Hamstrings

Prevent Hip Injuries


Running Injury Free Videos