Don’t Let a Sore Butt Stop you Running!

Hey RMA crew! Welcome to February!! We’ll be thinking about Christmas soon! Talking to so many Running Mums lately who are putting in a distance base ready for their long events later in the year. I have seen a few people starting to get some niggles through their butt or their glutes which is a…

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4 Best Stretches to Target Achilles Pain

Hey RMA crew! Hope you had a great break! I got down to see Ang’s family. Running around the Mornington Peninsua area is just divine! Think I could move there tomorrow! Congrats to all the RMA crew who did the Resolution Run as well as the Cadbury Marathon down in Tassie. Looked like fun! Had…

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6 Best Core Exercises BEFORE Running!

Hey RMA crew! Seeing so many runners improve their running technique out of sight guys! I know it’s getting pretty hot but a lot of you are putting in a distance base for your events next year. Can’t wait to catch up with everyone at Gold Coast! I thought it was a good time to…

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Get Core Strength Right for Running

Hey RMA crew! Welcome to December! The silly season is here. I started early with my mother’s birthday. Have to up my distance this week to make up for the feast! Will had a great time with all the running mums at Sunny Coast. Made me contemplate a sea change. Been a big year! For…

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Tight Hip Flexors!

Hey RMA crew! This year is flying by! I had a massive weekend just gone. Headed to Endeavour 500 which is an awesome relay event to raise money for the disabled. Three days, five hundred kilometres, eighteen teams and up to 47 degree temperatures made for a fun and exhausting time. I can see an…


How to Foam Roll Properly!

Hey RMA crew! Hope you had a great week! Massive congrats to your very own Nicole Bunyon for completing her first ultra! They’re addictive! I bet they’re contagious too!! Can’t wait to see everyone else giving them a go. I have been doing some proactive treatment on Flash, my five month old bulldog, this week…

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Say NO to Foot Stress Fractures!

Hey RMA crew! Been a big week this end in RIFREV world! Will caught up with the Brisbane RMA ladies at the workshop Saturday and I was down at Southbank parkrun. It got kind of hectic for Ang and I because we had our daughter Abbie’s fifth birthday in the afternoon. Somehow we ended up…


Have to be Aware of the Nasties with Running

Hey RMA crew! Hope everyone had a great week. Ang has forgiven me for nearly breaking our daughter on the trampoline last week! Hope your partners are way more responsible than me! This week I had a couple of people asking me about compartment syndrome, one of the trickier things that can affect runners. Basically…


Move BEFORE You Run to go Faster and Further

Hey RMA crew, Last week we talked about how travelling in the car or sitting for long periods can make muscles tight as well as shorten you through the front which has an effect on your running. This week I though I would show you guys a few ways to optimise the body and lengthen…


Best Exercises for Knee Pain

Hey RMA crew! Great to see the girls rocking out their RMA shirts at the RIFREV session with Will and I last week. Had a few people asking about exercises for runners knee lately and I thought I would go through some important stuff with you. We’ve talked before about technique with knee pain and…